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How to reset Telus email password

The Short and prescribed description of password reset of Telus Email.


Telus Email is a necessary thing which is needed to get the access to Telus Internet. To enjoy the Telus Internet you need to create the Telus email first by filling out your details. A single Telus email account will be sufficient to access and manage all the Telus Internet provided content.


Telus provides different home services like Television service and Internet services for home and office. It also provides Smart home facilities which will connect all your home devices with the single source. If you are already using the Telus internet then you must be already knowing how to register for Telus email for getting all these services.


But by any means or cause you have forgotten the Telus email password and wondering how to reset the Telus email password and want to resume the Telus service, then you are at the right place. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps and you will be easily able to reset the TELUS email.


1) The first step is to ‘log in’ to the Telus email.


2) Click on ‘forget password’. It will take you to the new page and ask for recovery Gmail or phone number. Just provide the any of them in the mentioned box.


3) Now you must have received the reset password link on the given email or phone number.


4) Click on the received link and provide the user id and new password and click OK.


5) Now open the Telus email with the new password and enjoy the Telus Internet.


Hopefully, the above steps will be helpful, if you are still facing any issues just reach out to Telus email technical support by calling on the customer care number. The technical support team is available for 24*7 for providing customer support to their users.

Source: http://www.supportcarenumber.com/telus-email-technical-support

How to reset Apple Safari for Windows 7?

Apple Safari is one of the fastest and widely used web browsers that proffer a long list of browsing features to the users. Apple Safari inbuilt in every iOS device but Windows users can also use Apple Safari. Without much of stretch, Apple Safari can use in Windows 7 and also reset whenever required.


Here are the steps to reset Apple Safari in Windows 7:


· First of all, you need to open Apple Safari in your Windows 7 computer and then click on Settings menu that is available at the top right corner.


· Now scroll down and then click on Reset Safari.


· After that, choose all the required options and then click on Reset tab to complete the procedure.


If you are not capable of resetting Apple Safari in Windows 7 after following the above given steps, then contact Apple Safari technical support to acquire highly reliable solutions from the certified experts. These Apple Safari experts will resolve your all kinds of technical problems related to Apple Safari. You only need to communicate with them through making a voice call and they will assist at 24/7 hours on every problem.

How to reset cisco router to factory default without password

Cisco router is one of the top-notch brands in routers that are used by the billions of users across the globe. Cisco router is best known for its top-notch networking features but like other routers, Cisco routers are not escaped from technical problems. Users face lots of technical problems while using the Cisco router. But in such type of circumstances, users can easily get rid of the problems by resetting their Cisco router to factory defaults.


Here are the steps to reset Cisco router to factory defaults:


· First of all, look and find the reset button that is available on the back side of your Cisco router.


· Now insert a pin and then hold the reset button for about 10 seconds.


· Now a light will blink and then release the reset button.


· After that, wait for few seconds until the router will automatically reset.


Are you not capable of resetting Cisco router with the help of above-mentioned steps? Then don’t be saddened. Simply dial Cisco router technical support number and obtain an optimum technical assistance from the certified team of professionals. They will give better resolutions to reset Cisco router. After making a phone call, you can approach these professionals who are available at 24/7 hours for the users.

Source: http://www.supportcarenumber.com/cisco-router-technical-support

How to change mozilla firefox proxy settings

Firefox is the modern day browser which enables easy access to web pages and email accounts. Safe access to the accounts is provided and also it is easy to access the browser settings. There might be problems in the Mozilla Firefox browser and changing the proxy settings of the browser might solve the problem instantly. This article will provide steps for altering the proxy settings and for advanced assistance it is advised to contact the technical experts.


Here are the steps to change the proxy settings in Firefox –


Open Firefox and click on the menu button which is in the top-right corner of the Firefox window.


Now click on ‘Options’ or ‘Preferences’ from the drop-down menu of a gear-shaped icon.


Next click on the ‘Advanced’ button.


Click on the ‘Network’ tab which you will get on the ‘Advanced’ page.


Click on ‘Settings’ which is right of the ‘Connection’ heading.


Click the ‘Manual proxy configuration’ circle and then enter the proxy information.


Check the option of ‘Use this proxy server for all server protocols’ and then click ‘OK’.


Not able to change the Mozilla Firefox proxy settings? Contact Mozilla Firefox technical support for help and assistance. Support professionals are the best persons who can provide instant assistance to the browser troubles.

Source: http://www.supportcarenumber.com/mozilla-firefox-technical-support

How to change gmail signature on Android


Are you an avid email user then you must have known about the Gmail? Gmail is the most popular and most feature email services in the world. Whether you are the businessman, individual or professional then one must have used it somewhere in the life.  Apart from mailing services, it helps individual to store share as well as create sheets online on its email services platform. It also provides various chat services and blogging platform either its text-based or video-based as well as translator can calendar to note down your important events or schedule. But rarely user does face certain technical problem while using the services of Gmail especially the android user, one of them is how to change Gmail signature on android. One can take the help of technical support or follow this simple procedure to fix the issue:


· First of all, Open the Gmail app from android app.


· Then click on the menu button which is at the top left.


· Then one need to click on the setting which is at the bottom.


· Again one need to choose the Google account where one want to add a signature.


· Tap on the signature button.


· Now enter the text for your signature as per your initial or one’s wish.


· Click on the OK button.


Just in case if one faces any problem while adding the signature to the Gmail then one can contact the Gmail technical support. Their technical team is well versed in their domain and have tons of expertise to resolve any issue on immediate time without any difficulties. They work 24*7/365 days to make sure that whatever be your concern should be resolved on the immediate basis.It provides both online and offline support to fix the issue on immediate priority.

Source: http://www.supportcarenumber.com/gmail-technical-support

How to change brother printer network settings

Brother printer or Brother soft printer is a printer manufactured by brother software which also provides the network settings for their printer. Network settings for any printer are important as it is because of the network settings that the printer will be connected to any LAN and can print all the data that is sent to it by one of the many computers connected to LAN.


To change the brother printer settings, you must follow the steps below:


Step 1) First you must be aware of the WLAN point to which you need to connect the printer to.


Step 2) You need to know the Network name and network key. Next, go to the brother.com and search for the printer you are using. You must search the exact model name as each model has its own network settings.


Step 3) Once you have selected the model, you need to search for the network settings as per your LAN requirements.


Step 4) Download the exe file for network settings. Once it is downloaded, run the exe file.


Step 5) Give a name to your printer which you want to see in the Local Area Network. This is important as it will show your printer in the network with this name.


Step 6) Now that your network settings have been installed, you can use your printer to print any documents on any network.


In case you find need any technical assistance in changing network settings of Brother Printer, you can always contact the brother printer technical support number. You may contact via email or call the customer support team. Your queries will be adhered to in a stipulated time frame.


Source: http://www.supportcarenumber.com/brother-printer-technical-support